Samsung ATIV Book 9 13.3-Inch Ultrabook, Expensive but Worth It

There have been some issues with the series 9 with wifi, and the trackpad. But not here. Samsung seems to have perfected this little jewel. Touch Pad works flawlessly. There is no touch screen and for good reason. This machine’s 1080P matte screen is gorgeous. When I saw it at Best Buy it made everything else look terrible in the store.. including the mac pro retina’s. Its that good. Ended up buying here because I wanted the fastest 2.0 i7 and 256GB SSD. Paid 1500 and worth every penny believe me. I got close to 6 hours battery life already doing web and a little you tube. Back lit KB is very nice.. very luxurious looking and I love the feel of the KB as well and can type fast with few mistakes. I think luxurious is the best word for this machine. Everything just works as it should. The precision of the build quality is like nothing I have every seen. The lid closes perfectly and the hinge feels solid yet smooth to operate. The SSD on mine is a liteon and its is very fast.

The one thing I worried about was the speakers and they are amazing sounding for how small this ultrabook is. Sure not much bass but very pleasing and not shrill sounding or harsh in any way. Samsung is getting ready to release a ultra hi resolution touch screen version of this and I did not want it because of the glossy screen and its a half pound heavier. Its just crazy that all this packed into a 2.5 lb package. Even the MB air is bulky next to this and it looks dated and cheap next to the top of the line ativ book 9. This is the one to get believe me. It has plenty of storage with the 256GB SSD and has the fastest i7 2.0 that turbos over 3. I’ve owned 5 other laptops which were mid to high grade consumer class. I always had some issues with all of them. Some I had second doubts after receiving them. Not with the book 9. I have zero second doubts about this purchase. And believe me, at 1500 dollars if anything is out of place I will know it and not be happy.

The only con can say at this time is with W8. But I am customizing that to my liking and actually like what W8 is under the hood. I would not go back to W7. The track pad does fine navigating it and I also bought a MS BT Sculpt comfort Mouse which is a great BT mouse since you don’t need to use a USB port. This only has two USB but I really don’t fault Samsung for that. There is absolutely no room for more ports. Remember, all this at the impossible weight of 2.5 lbs.

I would say this laptop fits anyone who wants an extremely portable laptop and can easily slip it into an backpack or carry it around. For someone who wants a top-of-the line ultrabook that is fast, slim, and whose design they can show off because it is flawless. I cannot say enough about the looks of the laptop, especially the display and the back-lit keyboard. Not to mention this thing is fast. It was expensive but after owning this product for a few weeks I’d say it’s worth it because I love it.

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