OUYA Console, Have reasonable expectations!

In my many years of buying tech products, I have never seen a product with so many poor product reviews online from people who obviously don’t ‘get it’. Anyone purchasing an Ouya because it is called a videogame ‘console’, and are expecting to see the same types of AAA games they see on an Xbox 360 or PS3 are going to be disappointed. I am convinced that the majority of people writing these reviews on some of these sites are simply not old enough to realize what makes the Ouya special, at least for me…

To me, the Ouya is a throwback to an earlier time in computers and video games. It reminds me the most of the Commodore 64 era, where not only could you buy a system just for playing games, but you could also, if you wanted, either by yourself or with a couple of people working together, create own game, let other people play it, and if you were good, sell it. There was a lot of terrible software produced during this era to be sure, but some of the most fun I have experienced playing video games was had in discovering those games which could be learned in a few minutes time, yet provided hours and hours of entertainment. Not only was there ‘big name’ titles for the time such as Mule, Archon, Toy Bizarre and Jumpman, but there were memorable titles such as Campaign Manager, Space Thief, Krylon Lander, and many more that were available on public domain software collections, or by typing in the code yourself out of a magazine.

This software discovery, and the potential for a hidden gem is where the Ouya excels. There are many good games on Ouya right now, and since anyone can potentially develop and publish games on this system, and new titles appear all the time, you never know when the next future classic like a Duke Nukem, Bomberman or Worms may appear. Sure, there is a lot of ‘bad’ titles, but so what? Everything can be tried for free, so there is nothing to lose, and in my opinion, exploring is half the fun…

If I had to pick something to score the Ouya down on, I do wish it would have shipped a little more up-to-date on its android hardware specifications, but realistically, with the simple ‘pick up and play’ type games this is targeting, the specifications should be fine for a while.

I had no issues with setting up my unit, installing firmware updates, or with my controller, as others have reported. I paired a PS3 controller to it very easily, and this is a great option vs. buying an expensive 2nd controller for multiplayer games, especially if you already have one around. An Xbox 360 controller works as well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Ouya to anyone, just know what you are getting, and go into it with reasonable expectations. If you think you are buying a console to play the latest and greatest ‘next-gen’ games, then you should probably hold off, but if you are looking for an inexpensive way to play hundreds of simple, fun games, or even get into game development yourself, then you cannot go wrong with the Ouya!

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