10 Games Designed Exclusively for iPad

One of the great qualities that an iPad possesses is the large HD screen which makes for exceptional game play. Apple’s App Store hosts thousands of exciting games that iPad owners can choose from. The following are the top 10 games designed exclusively for iPad: –

1) Crystal Cross HD

This is a very popular web-based flash game that is quite simple to play. It is now available on the iPad, and it comes with special cards, better scoring and versus modes. It also supports OpenFeint to allow players to compete against each other.


2) Assassin’s Creed Recollection

This is an exciting real-time board game by Ubisoft that is a must have for those who adore the action adventure game Assassin’s Creed. While playing this game, a player gets to compete in political battles using locations and the key characters from the original game. This game includes multiplayer support via Apple’s Game Center, story mode, as well as the short film Assassin’s Creed Embers.


3) Michael Jackson The Experience HD

If you are die-hard fan of Michael Jackson, this is a game that will definitely rock your world. This iPad exclusive game comes with four iconic hits from Michael Jackson including Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Blood on the Dance Floor and Speed Demon. You can also be able to obtain more songs such as Black or White and Billie Jean through in-app purchases.


4) Olympic Gems

Even though this exciting game is free to download, you will have to unlock the full version through an in app-purchase. This game is quite similar to Bejeweled, which is a very popular game. It is a game that involves swapping gems to match and remove them from the board. Besides being able to compete with your friends, you can be able to share your score on Facebook, and also unlock Game Centre Achievements.


5) FairyFail

This is a game that has little to do with fairy tales, but has a lot to do with evil animals that have trapped kind animals. The object is for you to set free all the good animals by aiming and shooting at the right locations. The element of aiming and shooting makes it look somehow similar to Angry Birds.


6) The Signal

In order to play this game, you will need to use both of your hands to touch all of the points that are displayed on the screen. You have to touch those points at the same time, and as fast as you possibly can. Since you will have to use both hands while playing this game, it is recommended that you turn off multitasking gestures in your iPad settings.


7) FIFA 12

This is the ultimate soccer game whose realistic animations and graphics bring this soccer to life on your iPad. More than 22 leagues, 500 teams and 15,000 that are officially licensed are featured on this app. You can manage your own team, upgrade staff and trade players among many other things.


8) War on Geometry

Just like The Signal, War on Geometry is a game that requires you to use both of your hands and a couple of fingers. To play this game, you will have to drag your warship around the screen so that you can stay away from unlucky geometry ships.


9) Defenders of Ardania

You will definitely love Defenders of Ardania most especially if you love the Tower Defense genre. This is a great game that puts you in control of both defensive and offensive operations. You can purchase spells, towers as well as defense items. There are 3 playable races, and fifteen levels to compete, along with eighteen different towers to upgrade. You can also be able to challenge your friends through Apple’s Game service.


10) Lab Solitaire

You are probably familiar with the classic card game that goes by the name Solitaire. Lab Solitaire is a photo-realistic version of the classic Solitaire. This version allows you to be able to see all the cards from the beginning of the game. The object of the game is to move all the cards from the bottom columns to the top foundations. The game supports both portrait and landscape modes, and the games played are usually saved automatically as the game continues.


All the above mentioned games are highly entertaining and they will undoubtedly turn your iPad into your most favorite device.

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