Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone is so easy to use


Initially I was worried that this phone would be slower than it’s 4 core Android counter parts. This phone only has 2. I was honestly surprised. It is as fast as any of my buddies Note 2s and even their new S4s. Speed to use this phone is really fast.


This is best thing about this phone. I would suggest going to Youtube and watching some HD test videos (user videos…not Nokia commercials). The camera is truly amazing. The Xenon flash is great at night but just the day to day video and camera work is awesome. I love that I can just touch the screen where I want the camera to focus. Nokia has given you some really great applications like the panorama application which basically guides you through taking 3 photos that it stitches together to make a panorama shot. Applying a filter like Instagram is quick and easy. I also like that you can upload to SkyDrive automagically. You don’t have to but you can. The 100GB storage is $50 or $6 a month if you need the maximum. It is the least expensive of the large capacity cloud storage solutions. *NOTE: There is a dedicated camera button on the Lumia 928 that takes you directly into the camera.

Battery life

I finally have a phone that I can go through the whole day on one charge. I can charge it at night and that is all I need for the whole day…whether I am surfing the net or my daughter is watching Netflix. YES!!!!

Nokia Here/Navigation

This took a little getting used to. At first I was frustrated with the maps because they weren’t up to date. I then realized that you could download the maps directly to the phone in case there wasn’t a data connection (nice to save on bandwidth). After downloading the new map for the US everything worked beautifully. *NOTE: If you leave Here turned on Nokia is smart enough to know what the speed limit is and will “ding” at you if you are going over the speed limit. This sounds trivial but I have to drive through several school zones on the way to work and occasionally find myself 2-3 miles an hour over the posted 25mph speed limit. Instead of having to watch for kids and also my speedometer…I just get a handy “ding” from the phone that lets me know that I need to slow down a little.


If you are an app geek you will be disappointed in the selection of apps. On the plus side you can load up your apps and still get the same speed out of the phone vs. an Android phone. My daughter likes the way games look on the Lumia 928 better than on my old Android. I would say that is just the hardware upgrade. For a limited time if you buy a Lumia 928 you get $25 from Microsoft and Nokia to use towards apps in the Microsoft app store.

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